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Where We Started, Where We’re Headed

Gurkha Villa is an idea born out of the ex-Gurkha chef who aims to combine great food and atmosphere to create the ultimate dining experience for Nepalese food lovers. We also have close associations with the British Army & Gurkha.  

We focus on one main area: great-tasting food. 


The Restaurant supports various local sports teams. We are proud of our position in the local community and we welcome you as our friends. In essence, we aspire to be the gateway to authentic Nepalese cuisine through our efforts to bring you the best menu that represents true flavours from Nepal.

Our staff is passionate about catering to your dining needs by serving you hand-crafted meals of uncompromising

freshness and quality accompanied by gracious hospitality. 


Please come and sample our warm hospitality and delicious food 
Thank you 

G.V Management

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